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  1. Cold morning in Southern Africa. No records were broken,but there was widespread frost in the highlands,the lowest were: South Africa:-11.4C Frankfort Aero Namibia:-4.6C Grootfontein Botswana:-6.9C Ncojane Big contrast in Mozambique with just 12C max. in Maputo.🥶
  2. Reportagem muito interessante sobre a ocorrencia de neve na AUSTRALIA: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-05-25/the-surprising-locations-of-snowfall-outside-australian-alps/102385638
  3. Alice Springs (580m 23oS) bem no meiao da Australia com previsao de temperaturas muito baixas para os prox dias: Temp variando de 10C a 6C entre sexta e segunda.
  4. London weather: Coldest night for 12 years recorded as temperatures drop to -8.4C It comes as around 80 flights from Heathrow were cancelled overnight due to the freezing and foggy conditions at the airport. Temperatures in the area were still as low as -7C at 8am on Monday, while -8C was recorded in Northolt at dawn. The sub-zero temperatures last night meant that London was actually colder than Moscow, which recorded lows of -4C, and Winnipeg, which was -3C. Fog in parts of London has also affected road travel, with visibility in Surbiton, South London, being reduced to just 100 yards. https://www.mylondon.news/weather/london-weather-coldest-night-12-26046599
  5. Acho que mais da metade das linhas de metro estao totalemte/parcialmente suspensas. Onibus nem pensar....voce morre derretido e sufocado.
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