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Brasil Abaixo de Zero
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Carlos Dias

Monitoramento e Previsão - Europa - 2014

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A neve atravessou o Mediterraneo e atingiu a Libia....



Snow, hail, rain and storm hit Tripolitania


Malta, 31 December 2014:


Tripolitanians woke up to find a coat of snow had descended on them this morning.


There were reports of snow, heavy rain, gusting winds, hailstorms, sleet as well as thunder from areas ranging from Tarhuna, Al-Assabaa, Gharian, Zawaia and Tripoli.


In Tripoli, temperatures dipped to 4 degrees whilst in the Nefusa mountains there were reports of temperatures dipping below zero.


The cold snao has made its way south to north west Libya from Europe, having passed over Malta hours prior to hitting Libya.


There were a number of scenes displayed on social networks of hail and snow covered areas and roads, including the novel sight of armed militias posing infront of a snowman in Zawia.


Rain continued to fall this morning in Tripoli with a strong possibility of further snow falling tomorrow.


A friend of a Libya Herald writer told this paper that the trees in his farm on the edge of Tripoli were “threatening to lean over completely as they resisted the strong winds”.


“We seem to have got all the winter weather in one go”, he said. “The wind sent a lot of rubbish, bins, and anything else that was not held down properly flying”, he added.


He confirmed that the intermittent power cuts have continued in Tripoli, varying from area to area, with some areas suffering 6 hours whilst most suffered 3 hours without power.


He also confirmed that the heavy deluge of rain has led to the usual traffic disruption caused by puddles and waterlogged roads.


Read more: http://www.libyaherald.com/2014/12/31/snow-hail-rain-and-storm-hit-tripolitania/#ixzz3NaDwqwIW

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