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  1. Mais neve nas montanhas do Sinai, Egito.
  2. Gerson Ibias

    Monitoramento e previsão Europa - 2020

    E Londres continua com media de +2.5C acima no ultimo mes.😭
  3. Gerson Ibias

    Monitoramento e previsão Europa - 2020

    BBC Weather: Warning issued for ‘gale force winds’ in Europe as snow freezes continent BBC WEATHER has warned viewers that alerts have been issued for "gale force winds" in Europe this week as "heavy rain and mountain snow" are also expected to thrash the continent.
  4. As snow blankets Juárez, commuters cheer clear U.S.-Mexico border crossings Lauren Villagran Published 1:07 PM EST Feb 5, 2020 The borderland woke up to a rare snowfall and a minor miracle on Wednesday: nearly empty international bridges at rush hour. Juárez residents posted photos of snowy car hoods and clear customs lanes in a Facebook group dedicated to the bridge report. Commuters were exuberant, posting messages like: "One car to cross!" "Santa Teresa, 0 line to cross, the road is in good shape!" "Free bridge, 8 a.m., just one car in line" U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported 10-minute wait times through 8 a.m. at the downtown Santa Fe bridge, Bridge of the Americas, Zaragoza bridge and Santa Teresa crossing — instead of the usual one- to two-hour waits. Juárez roadways were wet and icy. The city's El Diario newspaper reported that authorities closed a highway — the Panamerican that runs to Chihuahua City — due to icy conditions and reported a seven-car crash with only minor injuries. Juárez residents woke up to snowfall on Wednesday morning, Feb. 5, 2020. courtesy Gerardo Becerra Snow dusted the city's iconic red X, a monument along the border highway made by scultper Enrique Carbajal González, better known as "Sebastián." El Diario reported that public schools would remain open, but it was left to the discretion of parents whether to bring their children. Juarez residents woke up to snow on Wednesday, Feb. 5. courtesy Natalia De La Cruz Lauren Villagran can be reached at lvillagran@elpasotimes.com. Stay up-to-date on everything related to the weather in El Paso. Subscribe here. El Paso, Juarez weather: Seven car accident shuts down part of I-10, other crashes reported as snow hits El Paso More snow in the Sun City? Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for El Paso, borderland area
  5. Gerson Ibias

    Monitoramento e previsão Europa - 2020

    Londres esta com anomalia de + 2.4C nesses ultimos 31 dias. ....e de +1.1C nos ultimos 365 dias. ========= Media mensal de (Jan-Dez 2019)...com anomalias. 4.6 °C (-0.1) 7.6 °C (+2.7) 9.1 °C (+2.1) 10.1 °C (+1.2) 13.0 °C (+0.5) 16.5 °C (+0.9) 19.8 °C (+1.9) 19.0 °C (+1.3) 15.6 °C (+0.7) 11.3 °C (-0.4) 7.1 °C (-0.5) 6.9 °C (+1.4) http://nw3weather.co.uk/wx14.php
  6. Neve atinge em cheio partes da Jordania: https://strangesounds.org/2020/01/heavy-snowfall-hits-petra-and-southern-jordan-prompting-school-closures.html
  7. Norte da Arabia Saudita tb manda lembrancas!!!😎
  8. . . . . . . . . Mapas, mapas e mais mapas nessa pagina!!! :hi: :hi: :hi: :hi: =================================================== click para ampliar:
  9. *** Double click para ampliar
  10. *********Temp media Janeiro-Julho na Peninsula Arabica
  11. Mapas interativos de relevo, radiacao solar etc..... link: https://globalsolaratlas.info/map?c=28.420391,1.669922,5 EXEMPLOS:
  12. Outros layers de altitude, inclinacao etc.....mapas interativos aqui: https://globalwindatlas.info/
  13. A media de Julho do Chui e' mais baixa que Sydney na mesma latitude.
  14. Hummmmmm...........mais ou menos😐 Fiz uma montagem rapida da Regiao Sul do Br aos dois lados da Australia.....
  15. ^^ Da pra ver direitinho a "bomba polar" de Julho de 2000. 😎

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