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  1. Morning breaks clear and cool as storm cleanup begins in Calgary
  2. SNOW FOR NAMIBIA? While analysing the frontal system that is currently impacting the Western Cape, we noticed some interesting data appearing, and it’s been consistent enough for us to mention it now. Whilst snow in Namibia is an unusual occurrence, it has happened before. It seems that this VERY light snowfall should be around the middle of the day on Thursday this week. We have identified high-ground that might get some snow. Firstly, the Great Karas Mountains (Groot Karasberge) midway between Karasburg and Keetmanshoop, with a peak altitude of 2200m. Then on the central high-ground between Keetmanshoop and Maltahohe near Helmeringhausen and further north on the high-ground to the south east of Maltahohe. There data also indicates a chance of light snow even further north on the mountains around the Naukluft Mountain Zebra Park. Down south, on the mountain range north of Rosh Pina near the Richtersveld National Park, we could also see some light snowfalls. All of these areas are sparsely populated, so we certainly hope that there is someone out there to let us know if they see the snow falling or on the mountains on Thursday. Please note that the Snow Report team is not familiar with Namibia at all, and while this was carefully researched we may be open to correction regarding the places. Please feel free to correct us in the comments.
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    São José dos Ausentes,17 de julho de 1998
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    Nova Prata-RS 1965
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    Getulio Vargas-RS 1965
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    Sarandi-RS 1932
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    Belas imagens e relato!!!
  8. RS: TEMPO | Às 15h: Pinheiro Machado: 5,8°C Herval: 7,4°C Livramento: 7,7°C Bagé: 8,2°C Dom Pedrito: 8,3°C Venâncio Aires: 26°C Teutônia: 28,5°C Novo Hamburgo: 28,6°C Campo Bom: 29,2°C Três Coroas: 31,7°C twitter/metsul