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  1. Meteograndine

    Monitoramento e Previsão - Europa - 2014

    Hi, welcome.I was looking the average annual rainfall in Rome and noticed that is above average. Temperatures are also above average? My english is not very good. Hi Felipe, the annual average depending of the neighborhoods. North of Rome around 900/950mm, west 800/850 and east 700/800. Yes sure, the temperatures are above the average
  2. Meteograndine

    Monitoramento e Previsão - Europa - 2014

    Hi all, I'm writing from Rome (Italy). Here today the weather was raining but not bad. Some weather stations in Rome reported 1100/1200 mm from the start 2014 to December. This period is not cold but very wet. We have 12/15 C. When the autumn and the start of winter is not cold but very wet, will be possible to have days very cold and snow during the January and February.

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