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  1. Here in central Italy it's quite. No wind. This morning fog, temperature 0 degree and ice on the garden. Now sunny but cold. We're waiting the storms for tomorrow and for 26th of December and many snow at 900-1000 mt.
  2. This is a very cold and wet evening. Actual 3 degrees. We're waiting the Christmas storm
  3. Here in Rome, strong instability for 26th and 27th of December. During the evening of 27th of December, we'll have -30 at 500 hPa. It's possible to have strong storms with snow-quote to 900-1000 mt. For me it will be possible to see some graupel during the storms.
  4. 23:20: there is fog here in Rome (My neighborhood). Now 8 degrees. Today was a beautiful day!
  5. See ice everywhere... It's just wonderful! Well, in the place you are, it's most common to occur than here.... So, it turns more wonderful yet! Good morning Mauricio, I can see often Ice on the ground, garden and in particular over my car in the winter. Roma Tor Vergata is the colder area of Rome. My minimum record is -8,4. Today it's very good, sunny and not cold.
  6. Hi all, here in Rome (Italy) it's raining. Temperature 11 degrees. Yesterday and Wednesday very cold in the morning. Many Ice on the ground with temperature between 0 and -2 degrees. For the next two days the weather will be good while for Christsman Day and 26th of December will be rainy with snow at 1000 mt.
  7. Greetings, Gianni. I'd recommend you to take a look at this link: viewtopic.php?f=135&t=15326 It's the general discussion topic about weather in North America, Europe, Asia, etc. :good: Perfect... It will be done :pleasantry:
  8. ...so roma, io ero vicino alla Stazione Termini,via principe amedeu, vicino alla chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore. pioveva molto freddo d'inverno Ciao Carlos, io abito ad est della Stazione Termini vicino all'Universitá di Tor Vergata... Bentrovato! I live at east of Rome, near Tor Vergata University...
  9. Here in Roma 11 degrees sunny (01:25 pM) Tomorrow it will be cloudy with low probability of rain. During the Christmas Holidays we will have an atlantic weather, therefore not cold.
  10. Hello Gianni! Welcome to this forum, feel free to write again about your location! Snow in Rome i understand occur with more frequency after 2010, am i correct? Gran Abbraccio! Hi Artur, in these last years snowed in December 2010 and many time in February 2012 (8 days and until 50 cm). Also this morning is very cold. We have 0,2 degrees and many Ice on the ground and cars. I live in east of Rome (Tor Vergata).
  11. Hello, my name is Gianni. I'm writing from Roma (Italy). Here is almost winter and this morning there was a lot Ice on the ground. My CAR was completely white with a temperature of -0,5 degrees. Tomorrow there will be again Ice in the morning but sunny while for Friday will be rainy but not cold.

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